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At Vom Hundhaus Shepherds in Brooksville Florida we have 43 years of Breeding experience and are a small hobby breeder producing less than 20 pups annually. We raise our Dogs in a family environment where they are hand held and socialized.

Quality German Shepherd Dogs are wonderful family companions. A stable German Shepherd Dog has a steady temperament and is patient and kind with even the youngest family members. Our two daughters were raised with this wonderful breed without incident. This is why it is critical that when a person/family decides upon a German Shepherd Dog for their pet, they must take extreme care that their new companion has strong blood lines and the breeder uses high quality German shepherd dogs for their breeding practices.

Being in the security industry especially in todays times it is critical for families to have a deterrent to crime and what better way than a family companion that is loyal, protective, with beauty and brains. Our German Shepherd dogs and puppies for sale at Vom Hundhaus in Brookville Florida US can be used for protection, IPO, Agility, service, herding , sport and family companions. 

We are proud to have the best German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for sale in Tampa Bay Florida. Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Brooksville Fl, just 45 minutes outside of Tampa Florida. If you have questions regarding our breeding program and wonder if a German Shepherd is the right dog for you Please contact us at 77-687-5338.

Our Dog are Our Family!

We believe in quality not quantity!

Our German Shepherds Are A dog you cannot afford not to have!


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